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Examples of “masquerade”

Update : Upon receiving quest: You have discovered a journal in the Ocean House.

Spiritual Release

According to its contents, a jealous husband murdered his wife and family because of a locket. The murderous ghost of the husband means to keep her trapped here forever with him, and she seems to be trying to help you find a way to free her. Update : Speaking to Therese after giving the pendant to Jeanette: You have trapped the ghost of the doomed woman in the Ocean House with the murderous ghost of her husband for all eternity by letting Jeanette have the pendant.

Stephen Hambleton.

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Dave Oleksy. Robert Novotny. Hanna Edpalm. Michael Perez.

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We apologize for the inconvenience. Limited edition digipak CD of copies. Hand-numbered on the inside from 1 to Autographed on request - leave us a message if you want the CD signed. Rhythm Zero Russian Roulette Savagery Faraway Lands Too Depressed to Dance Zeitgeist Tainted Tongue Hallucinating These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. It would be a world containing demons masquerading as cats. From Cambridge English Corpus. At the masquerade , the eight men run into the ballroom at the stroke of midnight and scare the gathered revelers.

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Here, it is the masquerade that allows flexibility and freedom of manoeuvre. That does not mean that the end users of the data are geochemists, though some of us have masqueraded under that banner.

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Necrotizing soft tissue infection masquerading as cutaneous abscess following illicit drug injection. They produce a peculiar narrative order, his specific way of creating loyalty in the reader masquerading as historical narrative. One can miss it nowadays in the masquerade of forms that is going on.

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However, when a piece of theoretical work is dismissed as 'highly personal', it seems that an essentially conceptual problem masquerades as a mere terminological dispute. It may well be that subtle differences in the social worlds of identical twins in comparison to fraternal twins are still masquerading as genetic influence. It might be alleged that these figures were modern whigs masquerading behind the name ' old whig ' but such a view seems unconvincing for three reasons.