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Finding the love at first sight after overcoming a petto rosu

Inspired by JJ Lin's song. Sweetness in my heart. War - War theme LadyKiller - Done with flash.

DreamSeeker - I been a "dreamseeker" in this city since Still seeking. Fixing a broken heart - Inspired by this song: " You really know where to start Fixing a broken heart You really know what to do Your emotional tools can cure any fool Whose dreams have broken apart Fixing a broken heart" by Indecent Obsession.

Kungfu Chick - "Everybody Kungfu fighting".

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Koi - The fish and the lotus flowers in this illustration mean abundance year after year. The illustration will be projected on the building of People Park Centre and Hotel 81in Chinatown, Singapore from 27th Jan to 17th feb , 7pm- 12am.

Year Of the Pig - Blooming flower greet fortune. Illustrations will be projected on the building from 27th Jan to 17th feb , 7pm- 12am daily. Tiger Gold - Submission for Tiger Beer theme " Gold" Gold is synonymous with wealth , longevity , achievement and aspiration and in asia , and the tiger is always depicted as an equal rival towards the Chinese dragon. Destrjoy - New heavenly cyborg alpha In a great big heap, call out "Destroy!

Photos from ‘Schippeitaro’, a Japanese fairy tale about sinister dancing cats and a heroic dog

Destroy Mosaic Monkey.. King Octopus - "Serving your table since 19XX ". Empire of the sun - Inspired by movie , Empire of the Sun and an entry to a contest " Its good to be alive". Submission for IDN Universe contest. Shogun Cat - Neko waka maru. His a Shogun a General in military rank and historical title in Japan during the Heian period and had fought in many wars.. Done in a Ukiyo-e style.

There is no meaning in it. Was introducing the two cats easy? Soyo is very friendly overall so she had no problem living with a new cat. As for me, I had always been a cat person and at the most I had four cats living with me. Sometimes the two cats will get really hyper at same time and start chasing each other at five in the morning. Of course, I become something to jump on when they start playing. I wish they would sleep at night but I guess the three years old cat is still a child. It is usually between canned food and dry food.

I try to entertain their taste buds and not get sick of eating just one brand. For Gonta, to keep up with his speed when it comes to eating, I had to get a heavy dish, o. I mean, Gonda was born with stomach problems so I always give him small meals and I guess that made him hungry. Hungry enough to eat toilet sand. Gonda gets easily allergic, for example, during summer, He would lick his nipples endlessly. I had to take him to the vet every week to figure that one out. Soyo is totally fine and in good health but Gonda does take more attention and maintenances.

But they are such nice cats and they are so good to each other. What is that makes black cats mysterious and attractive to public eyes? There are lots of black cat motif designs at my office but dolls my friend makes to even dog toys, there are too many black cat motif goods.

I try not to get my hands on Everything that has black cat design on it, just ones I really like. Perfect for those who like to draw by hand. If you fulfil these two requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion at My Course. Log in.

illustration by William Chua at

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  • Superstitious Japanese believed that if cats lived too long, they would turn into monsters..
  • Swimmin.
  • Lenfant de son coeur - Triple surprise pour un chirurgien (Blanche) (French Edition).
  • Make Rough Sketches of the Characters.

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