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Here we are divided into two groups. Stowing our gear we headed off for an evening hunt. This is amazing country, mainly tussock and manuka with some native bush. We stop and through our binoculars see Sika stags and hinds roaming the hills. Ngamatea Station is around 80, acres running around 40, ewes and 3, cattle, mainly on the cultivated areas.

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The tussock country is mainly used for guided hunting and the gathering of manuka honey. A quick brew and we head back down the track for the evening hunt. We see three stags and some hinds on a ridge m out but the wind is wrong. We travel a km or so around the other side to the ridge and park up. As darkness arrives we can see two hinds on the bush edge. A call comes in on the radio so we move down the track to pick up the team. As we turn the first corner 2 hinds are standing on the road escaping as I almost hit them. The team had nothing to show for their walk.

Magnus had shot a good stag that evening. We headed back to Burglars for dinner and sleep. We were up at 5. As first light arrived we spotted a number of deer but all eluded the hunters. About ten we stopped and glassed; a stag stepped onto the track looking at the team before bolting for cover. Andy and I waited in the hill while the team headed into the valley below.

As we lost sight of them we spotted several deer on the hill above them. A radio call confirmed that they were onto a stag we could not see. An hour or so later we heard a shot. Torbjorn and Rob had been spotted trying to sneak in on an old stag, which stood up, Russell made a rutting sound and the stag charged toward them.

We went and joined them. Torbjorn lost his footing crossing a swampy creek — one leg wet to the waist — as we headed to the track. At about noon we got back to the hut, hung the stag in the meat safe, ate and rested ready for the evening hunt. A couple of kms from the hut we stopped on a hill. Heading through some scrub we looked across a flat and up to the bush edge some m away.

I stayed behind as the others headed down the hill after one of the many stags we had seen. I counted 6 in total mostly grazing at the bush edge. After nearly an hour a muffled shot from a suppressor rang out. Ronny had shot an eight pointer, which they had spotted just below me and patiently watched its antlers in the scrub waiting for it to reappear.

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Ronny is a game keeper back in Sweden and has hunted most of his life. As the deer was gutted Paul picked up the heart and noted that the bullet had got through it. On dark we headed back to the hut and ate, after which we headed the 30 plus km journey to Hawkins hut. After a good yarn we headed back to our hut for an early night.

We spotted a good stag, which they stalked in on while I waited by the Can-am. A couple of hinds were in the way, which spooked the stag. Just a quick PEEK above the parapet, I was talking in a Slack group about the Spectrum my daughter got for Xmas, and thought it worth a quick phone snap. Bit late to the presses with this, something that happened about a fortnight ago, but there you are. Those awfully lovely chaps at Road have shipped another game. Make sure you play with plenty of sound, there are cues there for you. Nice work! Rather than me blather on about it, go and check it out and let them tell you what it is.

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A New Zealand adventure Part 2

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